Mission Statement

At Total Health Solutions, Inc., we believe that health is more than the absence of disease. We practice a science based integrative approach to health  and wellness. Our focus is “patient centered”. The feelings, beliefs and opinions of the patient are essential elements in the treatment and decision making process. We view the patient from a holistic perspective as we strive to guide and maximize their healthy lifestyle choices. By integrating traditional and Anti-Aging/Regenerative medical philosophies we facilitate the innate healing attributes of each individual.

Traditional medicine focuses on treating disease and the effects of the aging process. While Anti-Aging/Regenerative Medicine focuses on treating or preventing the causes of aging, thus staving off degenerative diseases.

Anti-Aging/Regenerative Medicine is “medicine” which combines traditional principles with current medical and technological philosophies.

When evaluating our patients, some critical questions that need to be addressed in their total assessment are:

What is the underlying cause of the problem?

What level of intervention is necessary to facilitate the healing process?

What patient education is necessary to optimize his/her health?

Utilizing an integrative approach, we seek to answer the above questions in conjunction with diagnostic testing and the least intrusive methods of treatment. We utilize the most efficacious and latest products in pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, bio-identical hormones, amino acids, essential fatty acids and vitamin therapy to help our patients experience ongoing optimal health. We agree with Dr. Philip Lee Miller’s statement, “It doesn’t matter to me whether that deficiency is the normal condition of the aging human. When we can improve health and function by restoring hormone levels to optimal levels, it makes sense to do so. This is the essence of functional medicine, the goal of which is to restore function and, not necessarily to treat disease”. In today’s world there is a lot of conflicting information regarding alternative approaches to wellness.We seek to dispel that confusion for the individual and to involve them as partners in the journey to optimal health and wellness.TOTAL HEALTH SOLUTIONS, INC.™ supports integrative health at its best. We wish to thank you in advance for choosing us to facilitate that journey.