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Click on the image below to watch this 8-minute video about the science of restoreGen™ (KB220Z) and how it works in the brain.

IMPORTANT NOTICE for this Video: Although this Video refers to LaVita Synaptamine™, the liquid form of KB220Z; at this time, Dr. Kenneth Blum who patented KB220Z is only endorsing restoreGen™. The science presented in this video is an accurate description of how restoreGen™ (KB220Z) works.

What is restoreGen™?

The restoreGen™ formulation is best described as a glutaminergic-dopamine fulfillment complex. restoreGen™ is not a drug. Each formulation of restoreGen™ is selected to maximize a person’s deficiency based on their individual GARS™ results. The ingredients are amino acid precursors that will ultimately “restore” a person’s balance of which every neurotransmitter is needed, such as serotonin, glutamate and dopamine. These amino acid precursors are all natural, safe and non-addictive (patents pending US 6,955,873). For best results, restoreGen™ must be taken on an empty stomach. restoreGen™ brings long overdue innovation to this national epidemic.

restoreGen™ (KB220Z) is unlike any other product addressing addiction because restoreGen™ has been studied in over 35 peer-reviewed clinical trials. The MOA (mechanism of action) had been deduced with help from neuroimaging studies.

The restoreGen™ model, unlike opioid treatment models, has been shown to help restore brain function during opioid withdrawal and attenuate relapse potentially by increasing functional connectivity, increase volume connectivity and enhanced neuronal recruitment.

restoreGen™ is a dopamine regulator genetically matched to an individual’s brain reward genes and risk polymorphisms. It represents a window into the brain function, or dysfunction, allowing a clinician to accurately identify a problem area, and then treat this problem with a known benefit.

Define Addiction

The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) defines addiction as a primary, chronic disease involving brain reward, motivation, memory and related pathways. Dysfunction in these circuits leads to biological, social, psychological and spiritual manifestations. The addiction manifest as compulsively pursuing reward and relief by substance use and other behaviors. Addiction cannot be cured but can be brought back into control much like diabetes. Alcohol, drugs and behavior addictions are now generally recognized as a chronic disease of the brain that involves relapse, progressive development, and indirect potential for fatality if left untreated. Fundamental to treating addiction, is restoring balance to the reward system.

The GARS™ report provides an accurate blueprint for treatment. The clinician can use the report to provide a customized nutrigenomic formulation that is personalized for each individual.

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Genetically Guided Formulations

The GARS™ test is recommended to guide you to your specific restoreGen™ formulation.